Russian Prison Sport: OCHKO İndir Yükle

Russian Prison Sport: OCHKO İndir Yükle
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What should a foreigner do if they put him in jail? And if this prison is in Russia? It’s simple – you need to become your own!

In prison you will learn about the mysterious game OCHKO, but the rules are unknown to you, but how to become your own if you do not understand the language and rules of the game? Learn, learn and study again, as Comrade Lenin said.

Over time, you realize that this insidious game is similar to the familiar blackjack, that’s only the stakes are much steeper and more dangerous.

To start playing you sell the only thing you did not get: a photo of your favorite and receive 500 cigarettes for the game.

You will have a difficult assimilation in a Russian prison, learn complex rules of the game and the most important thing is not to play too much!


– Severe realities of the Russian prison;

– Thieves’ music;

– Pleasant cellmates;

– Hard warden;

– Prison romance;

– A fascinating card game that has existed for more than 50 years!

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