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Rubled İndir Yükle
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What is Rubled?

Rubled is a standalone building-planner for Facepunch Studios’ game "Rust". This editor allows you to design any building you can build in-game, all whilst providing you with valuable feedback. You are at your most vulnerable when designing your base on the fly whilst playing, and Rubled is here to help you remain one step ahead of your enemies.


We would like to thank all the members of the steam community for helping get Rubled Greenlit. You guys are amazing. Without you we would not be able to create an application that makes lives easier, if not just a tad bit longer from all the minutes or hours it saves!

What exactly can Rubled currently do?

  • Build any Rust building without having to hit a single tree.
  • Save, load & share building plans.
  • Save you from messing up your Rust buildings., again.
  • Save you a decent amount of time in-game, or help you kill time out-of-game.
  • Help you design massive artistic sculptures, then help get them in-game.
  • Build house of your dream on randomly generated landscapes.

What exactly can Rubled NOT do?

  • It cannot and will not get you EAC or VAC banned.
  • It cannot give you items in Rust.
  • It cannot design for you yet, you still need to be creative.
  • Be self conscious. Please contact us immediately if it tries.

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Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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