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“RowRow” is a unique sliding puzzle game with more than 100 levels of hand crafted stages and diverse puzzle logics. It is as simple as matching shapes. Align rows of shapes, sum them up and match the border-lined shapes to clear a stage.

Key Features

  • – Completely New Puzzle Logic
  • – Minimalistic Design
  • – One Hundred+ Handcrafted Levels
  • – Challenging Brain Teaser
  • – Simple Intuitive Recognition

Developer’s Note

This could be easily a math game. But with the twist of the "Shapes = Numbers" concept, it brings more simplicity and adds more aesthetic to the game. And along the way to the final stage you will meet a few intersting logics too. Using the "Sliding" mechanism in an unprecedented method these transfiguration will sometimes make you reminisce of some traditional sliding puzzle games with a new collaboration of mathematical operations.

Although the mechanics of the game are simple, this game is NOT an easy game. as you go up the level. To some players it will take 10 minutes or more to clear one stage. The challenging stages are made with more caution and precision so that players looking for an intense puzzle experience would be satisfied. We challenge you to clear the hardest stage, 100th. Yes, it does have an answer..

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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