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Created by Ge Yin, RocketGO is a physics engine driven space adventure game in which you pilot the rocket to explore the universe. You are playing as a rocket pilot, and you are doing what a pilot should do: advancing in the expedition, collecting alien artifacts, planning your adventure route and maintaining the rocket. Challenges in six planets with unique landscapes and environments await.

  • Exploration
    Six planets are all with their unique features. The planet covered by lava can easily burn the rocket, and the one full of magnetic field can drive the rocket into a deadly zone. With careful piloting, well-organized exploration strategy and good knowledge of the planet, you could become the historical universe explorer.
  • Rocket transforming
    With sufficient energy, the high-tech rocket can transform into the Float Mode. This anti-gravity and stable controlling mode enables the rocket to perform accurate movement to pass narrow gap or suspend in a strong force-field. Right timing of activating the Float Mode is always the key to success.
  • You are not alone
    You are not alone in the universe. Those floating capsules are the supplies left by other explorers and get them for your own advantage.
  • Alien artifacts
    The Alien Gears made with mysterious glowing materials are hidden in the universe. Collecting them and then forging them into useful machine parts can hugely boost the rocket.
  • Upgrade
    A bundle of upgrade options are in your own hand. You can improve the durability, shield power, environmental resistance and even the Float Mode. Enjoy the DIY for your own rocket.

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Mac OS X

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