RoboDo İndir Yükle

RoboDo İndir Yükle
16 Nisan 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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RoboDo is a fast phased puzzle game set in RoboPlanet. 

There you will have to beat different levels to become the best RoboDo that was ever created.
Some levels will require you to twist your brain, in others you will have to be fast and accurate.

The game is divided into 4 chapters. With each chapter you will get challenged to solve new puzzles and to try new elements.
There you will also find a playground where you can test and master your skills.
RoboDo has separate singleplayer and multiplayer levels.
This means that you will get tons of amazing game time playing alone and/or with a friend too!

Key features:
Single player with 3 chapters (4 chapter with new puzzles will be available very soon)
Multiplayer CO-OP beta, with 3 chapters as well but whole different levels
Playground for you to test and master your skills
Loads of  puzzles and various interactions
Different ways to finish levels

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