Revenge on the Streets İndir Yükle

Revenge on the Streets İndir Yükle
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Initial story
In 2992 the marginality runs free in a city without laws. the police almost do not exist, some smugglers controlled by MR Cleiton, are scattered in some regions of the city that are entirely taken over by bandits who dictate the rules.
One day, a policeman sees some wanted bandits, entering an alley and he decides to follow them and ends up being perceived by the marginal ones and with much anger they beat him until it leaves him unconscious, a few hours later his sister receives a call from the hospital , reporting that her brother is seriously injured, upon arriving there and seeing her brother breathing through appliances and at risk of life she and Saul and Rana decide to do a revenge in the streets

ending the game at normal level will unlock a secret character, also at the hard level

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