Retro Racing City İndir Yükle

Retro Racing City İndir Yükle
13 Nisan 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 86 kez okundu.

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Retro Racing City is a perfect game for any type of player, regardless of age, tastes or ability, but especially for those who do not want great challenges in their games, if not spend a fun, enjoyable and even relaxing time.

Retro Racing City is a driving simulation game, in an environment with a "retro style". This style allows that there are no elements that distract from the true gameplay, being able to saturate its players. In addition, Retro Racing City is really rewarding and with friendly controls and gamplay to help make the overall experience very satisfying.

Make it an easy game and made to relax and have entertaining moments does not mean this is a boring game. In addition, if you press space will activate the nitro of the car, which will make you go much faster, but be careful, that has limits indicated below on the right of the screen.

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