Resistance Element İndir Yükle

Resistance Element İndir Yükle
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You do not need to have Source SDK 2013 or Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 installed to play Resistance Element.

About This Mod

Resistance Element is a short, single player mod set in the Half-Life® universe, tasking the player to overcome obstacles and help the resistance in their fight against the Combine. Adventure through an off world Combine prison, city streets, a rebel base, and beyond while fighting Combine, antlions, headcrabs, and more.

Resistance Element

A highly advanced alien species known as the Combine have taken over Earth, quickly subjugating most of the population. A small sliver of humanity still resists, in the hopes that the right ally could help push back the Combine and tip the balance in humanity’s favor. The player reprises their role as Gordon Freeman, who mysteriously appears in the heart of Combine occupied territory. With no support, Freeman must navigate the alien environment and make use of any resources he can to help his allies.


  • Voiced characters
  • Additional Models and Textures
  • Utilizing enhancements of the 2013 Source SDK
  • Trusty crowbar

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