Rainbow Reactor İndir Yükle

Rainbow Reactor İndir Yükle
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Welcome to the future! In this fun-packed VR game which is easy to understand but hard to master, you’ll help to provide an entire city with the future’s very own and very clean Rainbow Energy – at the RAINBOW REACTOR!

Normal operations have collapsed when the loading crane malfunctioned. Now it’s up to the player, controlling a clueless Cleaner Bot, to load the reactor manually. Not an easy task, as the chromium balls which are full of precious energy are very volatile. Any mishandling could end in disaster…


– 9 levels of rising difficulty and additional features and hazards
– 9 groovy Synthwave tunes which are synched to the action
– "SINGLE SHIFT" mode with modifiers for higher or lower difficulty & score
– "PARTY MODE" for localized play with individual name-entry for the leaderboards
– 11 different leaderboards to compare scores with your friends or the whole world
– 17 unlockable achievements

– Index Controller support

– Downloadable manual (see right hand menu on Steam Store page)

– High-End visuals without any use of pre-made assets – aimed at perfomance GPUs
– Funky music & punchy sound effects
– Spoken language support in English, French, German, Latin-American Spanish and Dutch* (*voiced by Cas&Chary VR)
– Spoken language support for Italian being prepared

Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR

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