Ragozin on Moon İndir Yükle

Ragozin on Moon İndir Yükle
14 Kasım 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 19 kez okundu.

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Ragozin on Moon – "spin-off" 2D platformer "Elon’s Dream" with a side view, in which you need to use a jetpack to fly to a safe landing site.

Inspired by the most difficult flight to Mars of the great Mr. Elon, as well as his misadventures there, Mr. Ragozin, a well-known specialist in cosmonautics in narrow circles, decided that it was necessary to keep up with his competitor, so he decided to fly to… The moon! Sanctified and filled the rocket, it landed and flew her to the moon, but due to the negligence of builders and small budgets missiles cost several million dollars, it crashed on the moon’s surface. But our hero survived, and is going to live on, And you will help him in this!

Control your jetpack to fly from platform to platform, slowly getting to the rescue capsule, but be careful! In addition to fuel, which is constantly running out, you will be hindered by fast meteors and deadly black holes! Everyone put on spacesuits, because Ragozin on Moon will throw You into a real space: deserted, full of dust and solar radiation!

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