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Radiant Arc İndir Yükle
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Radiant Arc is a homage to classic JRPGs, taking much inspiration from games such as Final Fantasy IV. Explore the open world and enjoy all the Easter Eggs and references packed inside!
In Radiant Arc, you play as Linky, an unassuming young man that is destined for greatness. He must rise to face everything the world has to throw at him and come out on top, before the world is consumed by darkness. Become a beacon of hope for the people to rally around and stop an ancient evil from threatening the world once more.


Full length RPG spanning 20-35 hours.
Huge open world filled with a plethora of optional dungeons to keep you entertained!
NO RANDOM BATTLES! Pick and choose your fights!
12 Different Party Members, all with unique roles to fill. Mix and match to suit your playstyle.
Over 100+ Unique Equipment! Mix and match to fill your needs and playstyle.
Tropes. Many, many tropes. Some may even say… too many tropes.
Light-hearted story that is suitable for most ages. (Children in the bodies of adults, we’re looking at you!)

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