Quest For Wartorn Brotherhood İndir Yükle

Quest For Wartorn Brotherhood İndir Yükle
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A story of a young man named Crowly who wanted to be a part of something. Follow Crowly in his adventure as he joins the Brotherhood of Wartorn. Will he be able to lift the curse that demons cast upon earth it’s up to you. Also find other companions who can help you at battle against evil enemies.


– Quest for Wartorn Brotherhood is interactive RPG adventure game. Play as Crowly find items like keys to unlocked new places/levels. Find also other companions who can help you with fight against different bosses, like medusas and goblins. There is different companions like powerful chicken. Also player and companions has level-up system which gives new skills like magic skills


– Several maps
– Lot of boss fights and enemies: Medusas, Goblins, Assassins , giant worms, demons
– Save game slot system
– Skills system
– Equipment system
– Levelup system
– Fighting companions:
– Chicken: Chiqriq
– Healer companion: Katha
– Fren; fighter he can throw fire spells


Movement: arrow keys
Zooming: C/V
Rotate: Q/E
camera height: RT
First/3rd person: B
Interact: Enter
Inventory/menu: ESC

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