Quest 4 Papa: Reloaded İndir Yükle

Quest 4 Papa: Reloaded İndir Yükle
19 Haziran 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 45 kez okundu.

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Quest 4 Papa : Reloaded tells the story of Roach, a young girl who was bet as a child by his father, felling in the hands of The Scrappers, outcasts that dismount old droids for a living. Now, she’s all grow-up and looking to kick the ass of the one that dared to bet her, no matter who or what stands in her way.

Scrap and destroy tons of bots in a screw loose world and make your way to the slums of the city to reach your father and get sweet revenge!!!

-A world filled with sci-fi action.
-Fast-paced top down shooter gameplay.
-A narative driven experience.

About the development team:

The game was developed by 4th Year students at DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe – Bilbao.

Programming Department:
– Jon Ander Jimenez
– Massimo Castrioto
– Javier Gimenez
– Beñat Gonzalez

Art Department:
– Leire Gonzalez
– Unai Mendez
– Ignacio Urgoiti
– Irati Otalora
– Victor Perojo
– Iker Gonzalez
– Ibon Andollo
– Iñigo Galvez

– Unai Mendez
– Ibon Andollo

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