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Queen of Spades İndir Yükle
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Since ancient times, it is believed that any mirror can become a portal to the world dead. One of the oldest rituals with a mirror is the rite of the call of the Queen of Spades.

There are many different theories of its origin. Majority of them
it boils down to the fact that the legend of the Queen of Spades came from a deck of cards, where a woman was depicted. Perhaps she was portrayed ominously, or the suit of his black spades symbolized evil, however, the Queen of spades began to be compared to the black witch, carrying suffering and death.

Thus, from the image of a woman depicted on the map, the Queen of spades became the image of an evil spirit, absorbing all the negative energy from the legends and stories about her.

Many have heard of it, but not everyone is ready to meet her. Does it really exist, or is it just a figment of a person’s imagination?

This will learn the main character. His goal is to prove or disprove her existence. One way or another, it’s worth remembering that summoning a creature from the underworld isn’t safe entertainment…

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