Protein for Muscle İndir Yükle

Protein for Muscle İndir Yükle
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Do you like muscles?
Oh, I see. Yeah.
Do you want to be macho men? Oh man, I feel you.
Do you want protein? Good news.

The bodybuilder training school is full of protein.

It ’s easy.
Just sneak in at night and pick it up.

But beware, they are sensitive to the smell of protein.
There is no life if the steal is found.

Easy if you have your passion.

"Protein for Muscle."

Don’t forget.

[Your Objective]
While escaping from macho men, collect proteins and escape (door behind the starting point).

[User Guide]
W.A.S.D key: Move
Mouse: Move viewpoint
Right click: Flashlight on / off
Left click: Pick up
Left Shift: Run
Space: Looking back
F: crouch (used to hide under the desk or pick up items on the floor)
Esc: Pause, optional, exit

-Compete for how quickly you can pick up and escape.
-Compare with people around the world for pick up time on the leaderboard.

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