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Pool of Death İndir Yükle
15 Ekim 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 1 kez okundu.

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Pool of Death is a RPG style horror game, with humor!

Have you ever wondered how musicians would do trying to hold their own in the zombie apocalypse?

Meet Eddie, Leon and Sophie. Together, they find out how the apocalypse starts (and hopefully ends). They will have to scavenge for supplies and ammo to help them navigate through the streets of their home town, and eventually escape to safety.
Ammo is a very valuable asset. Will you sell your ammo in order to get mend your wounds? …Will you depend on baseball bats and other melee weapons? …or will you curl into the fetal position and pretend the world is all sunshine and rainbows?

-Full length Original Soundtrack in the styles of Rock and Metal.
-A rich and detailed map filled with little easter eggs and surprises.
-An ammo system where you have to continually look for new ammo in order to use your weapons.
-Custom sprites that fit really well in the story.
-And much more!

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