Poly Island İndir Yükle

Poly Island İndir Yükle
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Poly Island is a low poly adventure game packed with beautiful graphics, simple mechanics and challenging levels.
It’s in 3D with a customizable camera, and the goal of the game is to dodge various obstacles, that are trying to prevent you to reach the end of each level.

The game features 50 levels, that gradually become more challenging, and it introduces the player with new obstacles to overcome.
There are also 3 distinctive game modes for players who finish the game so that they can enhance the experience further.
Each of the levels has its own unique timed challenge which you will have to beat. It forces the player to think out of the box and find a way to finish the level in time.
Max lives- you start with just 3 lives, it may seem easy at the start, but later on, the levels get more and more challenging because if you die 3 times, the level restarts back to the beginning! Good luck 🙂
No checkpoint- last but not least, our favorite is the no checkpoint mode. The name is kinda self explanatory. There are no checkpoints. You will have to survive, dodge and finish the entire level in time.
Other fun stuff to share: The game is fully controller supported, meaning that you can play it with your mouse, controller or a keyboard. We noticed that playing with different choices also changes the game experience a lot,
so make sure that you try out each one.

So waste no time, dive in our beautiful and low poly island and show us that you can dodge bullets, spikes, crushers, lasers and other obstacles that we had planned for you.

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Mac OS X

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