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This is a stationary standing game only. Set in one room you will be faced with an A.I.
During the scenario’s you choose the right time to react without using excessive force in order to progress through the ranks and win your badge for your locker.
Ever wondered how Police Officers are trained? You the player now take the role and have to dynamically risk assess the situation you’re faced within this game.

Circumstances are likely to change from 0-100mph to test if you can react to a situation and not freeze.
This is not a first person shooter as in real life you have to judge the right time to use force.
You may just have to listen to the AI moan and whinge at you but do not be distracted by taking your eyes off the subject. By being successful you pass and continue up the Ranks to reach your retirement of 30 years service. Fail and you lose your rank and job, you then have the option to be back as a new recruit.
You begin in the Police locker room for your options page that allows you to change the controller settings, volume level, graphics level and if you are left or right handed to carry your pistol. Officers are trained to carry the lethal force option on their strong side so not to confuse it with the Taser weaker side option. You can enter the Training Range and perfect your weapon drawing and handling skills.
Once you’re ready to respond you have the choice of any 3 lockers showing your New Recruit Badge. Select this option and you’re directed to the Disturbance Call…

A disturbance report is a common call out across the globe. A disturbance can range from a bizarre request to an extremely dangerous scenario as there is often little to no intelligence background with the report. You could well be experiencing people at their very worst.
This is your chance to be a UK Police Officer. Your job is to observe and react with the Appropriate amount of Force. Just grabbing and picking up a weapon is a USE OF FORCE against what could well be an innocent member of the public that has had a bad day!

You’ll be armed with a side arm pistol, taser, pepper spray and handcuffs.
Always remember you are a professional officer and are in your role to keep the peace and serve the community. Take the verbal onslaught and emotions that create tense and confrontational experiences that often lead to excessive force remembering to only use the right amount of force at the right time as professional officer should.

Made by ex police officers with over 30 years experience on the front line
Based on real events around the world, are you ready to respond officer?

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