pixelBOT EXTREME! İndir Yükle

pixelBOT EXTREME! İndir Yükle
13 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 29 kez okundu.

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Wake up, pixelBOT!
Get out of that painful prison and listen to the voice inside your head.
You are different. You got a soul.
Collect all colored rockets to be able to survive all the dangers of the color-based security system.
Meet your maker. Show him what you have got – what masterpiece he has created.
And give it all to finally break out of the Forbidden Factory!


  • COLOR-BASED DUAL-HANDHELD GAMEPLAY! – Every rocket color is assigned to one controller button: Learn all colors by heart!
  • FAST-PACED REACTION AND MULTITASKING TRAINING! – Become one with your controller: Shoot the right colors, fly up and slide down to survive!
  • COLORFUL 16-BIT SUPER NINTENDO LOOK! – Childhood memories & retro tunes!


    • COLOR-BASED DESTRUCTION! – Collect and fire 4 different-colored rockets that need to be perfectly timed and combined!
    • MULTITASKING CROSS-GENRE! – Run, fly, slide, shoot and gather everything in a fast-paced multitasking action!
    • EVER-CHANGING GAMEPLAY! – Meet and beat loads of unique dangers and hostile BOTs – every level brings a new challenge!
    • HIGH REPLAYABILITY! – Find your best path along many and collect all orbs and PIXELBOT letters to unlock all boss and EXTREME! levels!
    • RETRO ARCADE FEELING! – Old-school pixel art made with passion, together with original Lo-Fi music and sounds, bring back the feeling of Arcade classics!
    • MULTI-STAGE BOSS FIGHTS! – Show what you’ve got and survive the ultimate color-based battles!
    • EXTREME! DIFFICULTY! – Become the real pixelBOT by mastering the EXTREME! levels!

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