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Pixelarium İndir Yükle
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Pixelarium is an evolved color by numbers game, where you can paint by numbers, letters or icons, with three game modes for different moods. Also, you can use Steam workshop to upload your own creations.


  • Three game modes!
  • Relax Mode: Helps you relieve stress and anxiety in work and life.
  • Competitive Mode: For fastest players.
  • Game Mode: Make the longest pixel chain, get bonuses and jump between colors! But be careful with pixel bugs!
  • Workshop support: Upload your own pixel art and share-it with the community!
  • Paint by Numbers or Letters or Icons.
  • Mystery Mode: Everything is a surprise!
  • In-game tools: Hints system, Eyedropper & Color Bucket.
  • Final picture customization with pixel textures.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Massive content with more than 3,500 pictures in different sizes.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • WASD: move around.
  • Q or Z or LEFT arrow: Jump to left color.
  • E or X or RIGHT arrow: Jump to right color.


  • IJKL: move around.
  • U or LEFT arrow : Jump to left color.
  • O or RIGHT arrow: Jump to right color.


  • Caps Lock On : you can use LETTER shortcuts when playing with letters & numbers.
  • Spacebar: Open palette.
  • Control + Left Click: Color eyedropper.
  • UP arrow: show controls shortcuts.
  • Esc : Exit Game.

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