Picrastination İndir Yükle

Picrastination İndir Yükle
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Picrastination is a logic-based puzzle game where the aim is to solve numerical clues to reveal pictures. Each puzzle also contains a cultural reference, a joke, or a pun for added enjoyment.

The main game contains over 175 puzzles in a range of sizes and difficulties for a varied challenge. There are also 2 super-replayable procedurally-generated game modes, a selection of larger "mosaic" puzzles, and a few fun hidden extras to unlock too.

The game also features a large range of different colour schemes and audio themes, which are unlocked by completing specific puzzles (and meeting other goals) allowing the game to be customised to your own tastes.


  • Over 175 puzzles to solve
  • 2 super-replayable procedurally-generated game modes
  • Several large "mosaic" puzzles
  • A mercifully-short, fun tutorial to teach the basics
  • Customise the game with unlockable colour schemes and audio themes
  • Fun hidden extras to discover
  • Supports touchscreen control (tutorial excepted)

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