Physical Exorcism: Case 01 / 除靈(物理)案件01 / 除霊(物理)ケース01 İndir Yükle

Physical Exorcism: Case 01 / 除靈(物理)案件01 / 除霊(物理)ケース01 İndir Yükle
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When the world is stacked against you, not even supernatural abilities always lead to financial success. Meet Brucie and Jade, a pair of investigators that combat evil spirits with their spiritual and psychic powers. After being sprayed with a fire hose just because they are poor, they stumble across an interesting case in a high school nearby: Two students have been seriously injured in suspicious accidents. A high school student, Lucy, hires Brucie and Jade to save her friend Sapphire, who may be next.

In your quest to save Sapphire, combat evil with traditional JRPG turn-based combat but without the grind. A short yet solid game, Physical Exorcism doesn’t waste your time. Its fun and relaxing atmosphere covers a meaningful commentary on human relationships that will leave you in contemplation. Which of the two endings will you choose?

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