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Pet Squad Racing İndir Yükle
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Pet Squad Racing is a cute, fast-paced little racing game for one or more players!

You like the idea of being very small in a very big world?

You like setting new high-scores, doing challenges or competing against your friends?

Well now you can!

In Pet Squad Racing you pick a small pet, a toy vehicle and a room to play in!

Compete alone in Time-trial or complete tasks to unlock items in Challenge mode.

Invite friends to race you in multiplayer (currently only local), or challenge your friends in different fun elimination games and competitions!

Need a break? Why not customize your little pet with new colors, clothes and more!


October 7th 2017

Please be aware that this game is early access!
Everything is still a work in progress.

My name is Tomas and this is my first own game that I work on by myself.
All of my spare time goes to Pet Squad Racing and hope you enjoy it in its current state!

If you like my game and the idea of it and you have feedback, ideas or comments, please get in touch with me via

There is still a lot of fun work to be done on it and I would love to incorporate your ideas and feedback into the game! 🙂

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