Penguin’s Dogma|獄門ペンギン İndir Yükle

Penguin’s Dogma|獄門ペンギン İndir Yükle
1 Kasım 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 29 kez okundu.

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Who is this obsessed with hunting these penguins?

A simple horror-style stealth game, where you can have fun playing tag with penguins.
If you get caught three times, you lose.
If you burn all of the penguins to a crisp, you win.

These items will help you escape:
"messages" left in the mysterious facility,
"meats" to increase the maximum stamina to run and escape,
"wines" to instantly recover stamina,
and "Penguin costume".

・Horror and lowbrow humor blended together in a precarious balance.
・Contains over 50 kinds of cruel remarks at your expense
・No jump scares.
・No long text to read, long cutscenes to sit through or complicated puzzles to solve.

Game controls:
Mouse / control the camera
E /​ interact
W / forward
A /​ left
S /​ back
D /​ right
shift(Hold) /​ run
Space bar(Hold) /​ crouch , rapidly restore your stamina
Q(Hold) /​ look behind you
esc /​ open , close menu , skip the movie

*From version 1.1.0 onwards, only the gameplay itself (not the menu and configuration options) will be compatible with Xbox controllers.
*When connecting multiple devices to control the game, this may overload the game and cause the display to move around eratically. If this happens, please disconnect the external devices once, restart the game, and recheck for any issues.

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