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After finishing her bar tending shift at 3am, Erica Yu encounters a strange man who claims to know her. Before things escalate, the man suddenly disappears. Terrified, Erica reluctantly decides to make her way home… but little does she know, the nightmare has only just begun.

PARANOIHELL takes inspiration from the gameplay of PSX-style survival horror games. Use weapons to defend yourself from enemies, set traps, or hide. But don’t be reckless, your resources are limited. Thorough exploration and careful item management will be key to survival.

  • Explore a surreal, dying city
  • Pixel art style that uses modern lighting techniques
  • Light RPG elements
  • Satisfying melee-combat
  • Estimated play time: 1 – 3+ hours for a single play through
  • Multiple endings
  • Multiple difficulty settings
  • Controller Support

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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