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Panzer Doctrine İndir Yükle
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Panzer Doctrine is an unconventional World War II real-time strategy game. It was designed to provide an interesting alternative to turn-based hex grid wargames involving complex military simulation of tank warfare on the eastern front.

Thanks to its brilliant formula and original gameplay it innovates on the wargame genre, bringing a breath of fresh air and a new way to represent warfare.

Campaigns & scenarios

Capture strategic points as quickly as possible. Find the best way to defeat the enemy with minimal casualties. Use tank divisions to encircle large enemy formations and cut supply routes. Repel enemy counterattacks and gain air superiority. Keep an eye on the division strength, fatigue, supply level, road condition, weather and attrition.

Division management

You can refit, reorganize or upgrade your divisions before every scenario. Spend your points to obtain extra reinforcements, increase mobility or purchase new divisions, regiments and battalions. Attach auxiliary units to your core divisions to increase their firepower and effectiveness.

Air warfare

Use fighter regiments to gain air superiority over the battlefield or intercept enemy bombers. Dive bombers can provide effective support for ground units during battle. Bombers can attack stationary targets, like airfields or troop concentrations, decreasing the enemy’s strength, supply and entrenchment.

Main features

– 6 historical campaigns and 25 scenarios
– Customizable divisions, regiments and battalions
– Many options to upgrade tanks, artillery and infantry weapons
– Core divisions and auxiliary regiments
– Division commander traits
– Supply system, weather, ground conditions, terrain effect and transport network

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