PamPam Kana Students İndir Yükle

PamPam Kana Students İndir Yükle
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PamPam Kana Students is an educative game to learn and practice Hiragana and Katakana. By using simple Kanas or using Diacritics and Digraphs, you will be able to train yourself and chill on different game modes. You can select lessons to learn step by step some Kanas and finally play on game modes to practice and try to have the best score!


I am a solo dev who wanted to share his game with more Japanese students. I am currently also learning Japanese and i have made this game to help me practicing aswell. This is a huge and hard work to make it release on Steam alone but i did it. Weeks after weeks, i was adding more content, like teachers, game modes and Digraphs and Diacritics Kanas. Do not hesitate to share your suggesions on my Discord channel.


TEACHERS: 3 different girls that you can dress differently
LESSONS: Learn step by step and change lessons when you feel you are ready to learn more
TRAININGS: Train yourself on Hiragana or Katakana (with or without Advanced Mode which includes Digraphs and Diacritics)
GAME MODES: Play Challenge (all Kanas), Survival (with Health system) or Time Attack mode (best score with a time limit)
ACHIEVEMENTS: Achieve success in-game based on good and bad answers


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