Overdungeon İndir Yükle

Overdungeon İndir Yükle
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A completely new style real-time card battle "Overdungeon"

We created a new style action card game that combines rogue-like, tower defense and card games. This is "Overdungeon".

Break enemies by making a deck with a combination of cards. Trick deadly card combo and summon massive unique animals!

■ Dynamic Deck Building

Choose the best card from the hundreds of cards to suit your situation!
There are many cards with unique features such as animals, buildings, spells, traps, and so on.
Depending on the combination, there may be times when you can make a deck with unexpected destructive power.

■ Destroy the Enemy’s tower With Massive Units

In this game you can summon animals that attacks enemy towers like Crash Royal. Some buildings with crazy powerful effects that will change battle scenes completely.

■ Everchanging Map

Overdungeon is roguelike, of course! The map changes every time you play, you can freely select dangerous elite monsters, treasure box areas as your circumstances match your deck situation. In more than 50 types of events, we don’t even know what will happen!

■ Unique Relics

More than 50 types of relics color your gaming experience. In addition to the diversity of the cards, the randomly available relics increase the possibilities of your play style indefinitely!

By understanding the nature of the unit well and growing "deck", the enemies with tremendous strength will be able to break through easily by easily.
Enjoy deep strategy and exactly good randomness, and discover your-style in Overdungeon!

■ Patch Schedule

Patches will be updated Daily this month, because we want to improve many contents! Enjoy!

■ Future Contents

These functions will be implemented.
– Achievement
– Save and Load (soon)
– Card removal service in shop and event (soon)
– Coop Mode
– Daily Challenge
– Ladder (has 20 level to be more difficult each level)
– Languages (Chinese and Rossian and Korea are almost prepared.)

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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