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Over The Phone is a talking sim about a photographer named Jake who meets a girl in the unlikeliest of places, on a customer support call with his internet service provider. The game is akin to a visual novel, in that it’s primarily reading / listening to the conversation and periodically making choices about what to say.

  • Short game: ~25-30 min playthrough
  • 2.5 endings (2 primary endings, with one having an additional choice at the end)
  • Chill original soundtrack
  • Harper voiced by Catsen (ttv/catsen)


Most choices are part of a tone system, which include a word below that describes the tone/intention of that line. Making choices of a particular type makes it more likely to have similar choices later on and fewer choices that conflict with that tone.

If you played Drinks With Abbey, you’re probably familiar with how unforgiving the game is when it comes to choices. You needed to pick specific ones throughout to get the "best" ending. In OTP, that’s not the case. The types of choices you make do decide which ending you get, as well as change the conversation and future choices. But it’s more flexible in terms of which specific options are chosen.

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Mac OS X

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