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In a land of myth and magic the destiny of Cadria rests on the brave warriors. Well. It’s too risky to save the world yourself. Never mind. Don’t carry the world all upon your shoulders. You’re merely a shopkeeper here. Your target is simple and easy. Just run the best item shop in Cadria.

Forge Items

Begin from ABC and forge a variety of items.

—— Hire Craftsmen: Hire different craftsmen to forge weapons, make clothes, make runes and inlay jewels in your workshop.
—— Refinement: Practice makes perfect. Make more items to improve your blueprints. Master more crafts to make better items.

Sell Items

Welcome the world heroes! Sell your items to them!

—— Best Selling: Popularity will grow as you’re busy selling items. The tides of customers and orders are incoming!
—— Shop Orders: Cooperate with other shops and supply goods in Cadria world.
—— Faction Orders:Team up with friends to complete faction orders.

Build Town

Earn money and invest. Reconstruct your hometown with your investment.

—— Restart economy: Invest your home town to get more benefits. A bustling town can bring you professional craftsmen and high quality materials.
—— Unlock more heroes: With the development of your town more and more heroes will be attracted to your shop. Get ready for more customers!


Send your hero teams to explore in the dark forest and collect epic materials.

—— Recruitment: Assemble legendary heroes and form your own team.
—— Preparation: Equip the heroes with epic weapons and armors. They will win spoils on a treasure hunt.
—— Faction War:Collaborate with other shopkeepers and support your faction to win great prizes.
—— Guild: Create a guild with your friends. There will be bizarre quests waiting for you.


Customize your own fantasy world.

—— Shop Decoration:Buy different furniture to decorate your workshop as you like.
—— Fashion Style: Try on different clothes and accessories to create your fashion style
—— Hero Fashion: Loving beauty is the human being’s nature. Change outfits for your heroes.

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PS: We’ve localized part of the UI and added some English translations. We will continue to translate more contents to help more players to understand

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