One Night You’re Crazy İndir Yükle

One Night You’re Crazy İndir Yükle
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One thing you’ll realize quickly is that in my world, I make the rules. They don’t have to make sense; you just have to follow them.

Welcome to my strange and bizarre home. I’ve dismantled my blood soaked teddy bear and scattered his parts in the various closets, shelves and corners of this eerie place. In order for you to escape, you will need to find all these parts and then assemble the cuddly teddy bear in the basement. Did I mention that there was a wolf occasionally wandering the halls that you’ll also have to watch out for? Oh, sorry, he could be possessed by a fellow player as well, so that adds its own twist to the game.

To be fair I did unlock the closet in my bedroom to give you a place to hide from the wolf, but be sure not to stay in there forever. You only have 5 minutes to find all the teddy bear parts and escape. Take too long and you’ll wish the wolf had eaten you!

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this game enough to play quite a few times, even possessing the wolf to hunt down other visitors to my home. If that’s the case then you’ll be treated to ever enhanced abilities such as searching for parts faster, moving more quickly as the wolf and so on.

It’s like playing tag. Where you collect bloody teddy bear parts. While avoiding a flesh eating wolf. Or maybe you’ll be the wolf. I don’t care either way.

I hope you enjoy my home…

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