On the front line İndir Yükle

On the front line İndir Yükle
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"On the front line" – tank simulator. Action takes place during World War II.
Battles are unilaterally – for the Red Army.
Action in the game takes place on two large locations.
Sequential execution of combat missions.

The player carries out management of the tank with the arrow keys -W,S,A,D and mouse .
Mouse wheel – controls the distance between the camera and a tank player.

the Player Has Two Tanks Support (ai).

In the case of the death of player , game does not end.
Control passes to one of the supporters of the tanks.
The game has a medium tanks, they are more motile, less protected and have a less powerful projectiles.
There are also heavy tanks have more powerful projectiles, but less speed and less maneuverability.

ATTENTION !!! Before the game, you need to become familiar with the input keys.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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