Norman’s Great Illusion İndir Yükle

Norman’s Great Illusion İndir Yükle
15 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 36 kez okundu.

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Have you ever wondered why, individually good and peace-loving citizens, merging into society, allow the coming to power of forces that have diametrically opposed their principles and goals? "Norman’s Great Illusion" is our attempt to talk about this phenomenon.
There are no Battle Royale mode, no microtransactions, no season pass, no lootboxes.
The game is 18+, but there is no sexual content in it. The game is for quite intelligent, conscious users.

"Norman’s Great Illusion" is a 2D pixel art visual novel in which you have to live a year as an engineer at the plant in the face of rising social tensions. Make difficult decisions, but keep in mind: you will have to pay for each choice.

If You:
– do not distinguish between class struggle and spiritual struggle;
– believe that imperialism is a confrontation of ancient empires; and
– think that nothing could be better than capitalism;
please DO NOT BUY our game. To all the rest: "Welcome!"

– difficult moral choices;
– 7 different endings;
– 2 mini-games; and
– stylish pixel art graphic.

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