Noctambulant İndir Yükle

Noctambulant İndir Yükle
25 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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An unfortunate event took the lives of Renee’s parents. and she has to move to live with her grandmother. Ever since, she has been made to abide by the strange rules set by her otherwise loving grandmother.

Unfold the terrifying mystery as to why Renee was made to go to bed early ever since her parent’s passing, and uncover the disturbing truth behind the family’s past.

  • Meet a uniquely frightening main antagonist.
  • Fully illustrated story.
  • Solve strange and unusual puzzles as you unravel the disturbing mysteries behind them.
  • Pick choices that will lead to a different ending scenario!
  • A chilling atmosphere that keeps you on your toes as you explore.
  • An unlockable gallery.

Hello, I’m Justus Yew, the creator of Noctambulant. Noctambulant is a game idea I had in 2019, but it never materialized until now because I wasn’t able to create it the way I imagined it to be. Now I’m really excited to be able to finally have it on Steam for all to play!
Noctambulant will be available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Every art asset in the game is hand-drawn from scratch by me and my sister. (Environment, Objects, UI, Characters, Illustrations…etc). We’ve put together the entire game, aiming to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible. The story, atmosphere, puzzles, build ups and more.

There are no jump scares while playing Noctambulant! With the intention for a different kind of horror, I want the players to have a mind free of jump scares, and fully immerse into the environment.

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