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Night Sing is a third-person-shooter game with RPG elements developed by Valkyrie Stuidio with Unity. With 3D character and animations, the game can bring you horror that’s so real you can feel it in your "hearts".

-Background Story-
General Goodell in Germania allows vampires to be immortal as a deal, and to invade Romilia city during the Blood Moon, bringing about a massive zombie crisis. A group of vampires, NightSing takes Remi, the lord of William Family in order to get rid of the vampire hunters to revive William the Conqueror who used to be the King of Vampire Empire. Leading roles such as Lin Xueying and Asami began their adventures to save their childhood sweetheart Remi.

-Cast List-
Lin Xueying
Date of Birth:August, 5
She’s an energetic and active young girl, skilled at shooting. As Remi’s childhood sweetheart, she loves bossing Remi around. She’s into Remi even though she pretends not to care about him at all. With a ponytail, she’s the leading role and the main character that the player controls of this game.

Yuki Asami
Date of Birth:June, 2
She’s an unknown angel and the librarian of the school, but not smart enough without parents at an early age. Now she lives alone, tough and strong. She has a crush on Remi, but never has the guts to express herself. She has a warm heart, offering people the warmth of a mother’s love and she’s good at cooking and first aid.

Syuko Tsuruta
Date of Birth:July, 18
She’s the daughter of the President of Saint Romilia Middle School. She’s a quick learner, gentle and mature, believing in science. Her father is a descendant of knight in the east of Dya Imperial . He was transferred to Ministry of Education in Romilia District later. And then Syuko also came here with her father.

Date of Birth:Sept. 5
He’s a timid boy who looks cute. He and Lin were childhood sweethearts,and always follows the latter’s lead. Remi seems friendly by being humble and polite, Remi is a human in the vampire royal blood line, but he has no idea of it.

Date of Birth:?
She’s the leader of a group of vampires, NightSing. Wearing the same school uniform, but she doesn’t seem to be a student here. She’s so enigmatic that nobody knows who she really is, but Hitomi seems to have a strong interest in Remi.

Date of Birth:?
Cv:She slows down the pace
Hitomi’s servant,a pure vampire fighter with powerful combat power. Different from other vampires that are formed by nurture,Heclery has the special ability which only belongs to the true vampires. As dumb as an oyster, she’s rather loyal to Hitomi, and a yes man to Hitomi.

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