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Neon Sun İndir Yükle
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This story has been going on for millennia. This story is about a war, a war that is necessary to deserve the favor of God. Each of the soldiers is ready to die today for the sake of his love. To perish on the battlefield under the face of the Neon Sun is the greatest happiness for any of the warriors of the two pyramids.
Fight for you die, fight for it is all that you have.

You have to repel countless attacks of the enemy, and the further you advance, the more difficult it will be for you to do it. At your disposal is the whole army of the pyramid and its main weapon – the ray of death. Collect the gifts that Neon Sun gives you, which means that he is pleased with you and he likes everything that you do. You have only one life, only one chance to prove to Neon Sun your devotion.


– Classic linear TD;

– Cool music;

– Several types of weapons (infantry, tanks, a ray of death);

– Infinite gameplay;

– Opportunity to fight and perish for the Neon Sun;

– To plunge into the routine of the army through neon allusion to a meaningless and cruel reality.

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