Necro Immortallis İndir Yükle

Necro Immortallis İndir Yükle
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Death cannot feel fear.
Death cannot have a heart.

In the Deptonn hospital Dr. Hurden is performing terrible experiments with patients, that always die afterwards. The experiments continue until one evening Hurden succeeds and the patient doesn’t feel fear and pain anymore.

Father Temius then performs a ritual and creates an artificial death in a physical body. The patient’s chest opens up with no heart inside, only the arms of the dead ones are reaching out from its chest, trying to get out into this world.

Who are you? A soldier, a medic, a woodsman or a war priest?
No matter who you are, you have one goal – to escape the artificial death, the false one, created by Dr. Hurden.
Explore the Deptonn hospital and the forest around it. People no longer live in this place, but they left their memories written in pieces of paper. Those memories and letters will lead you to your own escape from the false one. Every single note contains a clue to your own escape and a story which might lead you to stand against the artificial death itself.

Your escape will lead you to one of many endings, follow the notes, find different objects to escape the false one.

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