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Nature Relax İndir Yükle
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Life and work in big cities requires a lot of toughness and stamina — both physical and mental. Especially, if you have a keen sense of empathy and you deeply feel conflicts. In order to not become an urban madman you can either start living in an ivory tower of indifference, or you can learn how to deal properly with stress and tension.

Nature Relax will reliably help you to rest even after the most nervous day. It offers many nature sounds and ambient melodies – everything you need for a fruitful meditation break during the day and easy falling asleep at night.

Application Highlights

  • Vast collection of ambient sounds;
  • Great for falling asleep, work, meditation;
  • Calming HD backgrounds;
  • High-quality sounding;
  • Creation of individual mix.

Make your daily affairs a little more pleasant with Nature Relax! Dozens of different combinations of ambient music and nature sounds.

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