My 1/6 Lover İndir Yükle

My 1/6 Lover İndir Yükle
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This is a visual novel about a lovestory with 6 routes, numerous CGs and 200,000 words.

About this game:
Small town, afternoon, leisure is in the air. A young man is trying to straighten himself up and finally say it to the girl of his dream.
It should have been binary answer, either yes or no. The girl shocked him with an unexpected answer.
"I’m sorry, which of us do you like?"

Yue just wanted to talk to the girl. He didn’t expect that his ticking never would turn this into expressing his admiration to her.
When he thought all hope were lost, an unexpected answer given by the girl surprised him.
As the girl requested, they met up at the same place the second day. But the one Yue met, is a girl that looks exactly the same but different in every way.
This is how the story began, Yue met 6 girls in one body.

Disclaimer: This game is pure fantasy and its content, name, location and organization have no relationship with the ones in real life. All the characters are over 18 years old.

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