Multicellular İndir Yükle

Multicellular İndir Yükle
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Multicellular will take you back in time, to the dawn of life, when the only creatures living on the planet were single-cell organisms and small multicellular organisms.

With over 100 different types of cell at your disposal, you can create any type of organism, from the most heavily armoured to the swiftest, from the most poisonous to the best camouflaged.
In Multicellular, the only limit is your imagination, so get in there and rule this new world!

Survive against hunger, other creatures and even the environment; everything on this planet can kill you! … and will do, if you’re not careful enough.
You can rely only on your own strengths, using your ability to adapt, your cunning and your experience.

You can also play multiplayer games and face difficulties together with some friends, but beware: there will be other players outside ready to feed on your succulent cells.

The race for evolution has just begun! Will you be in the lead or will you just be a pitiful fossil for the generations to come?

The game modes currently available are:
– Evolution
– Genetic superiority
– King of the Puddle
– Football

At the moment there are 7 maps, each dedicated to a particular game mode.

Players will have over 100 types of cells available to them, divided into 5 categories.

Each game mode can be played either in single player or multiplayer.

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