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Ms.Director İndir Yükle
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The year is 1937, and actress Patricia Dahl has found herself struggling in a film industry that’s under new, tighter restrictions.
Left high and dry in this film role drought, her last hope is a shady audition at an old mansion outside of town.

However, soon after her arrival, it becomes clear the director never had any intent of letting her leave alive.

Only with the help of the ghosts of the director’s past victims can Patricia escape, and only with her help can the spirits finally pass on to the next life.

  • A massive mansion to get lost in
  • A Jazzy soundtrack to run for your life to
  • Vain attempts at historical accuracy
  • 8 ghosts to find and help cross over
  • 5 different endings
  • 1 detective ghost that won’t leave you alone
  • Far too many really stupid jokes.

Est. Runtime: 3 hours

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