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Monsters of Kanji İndir Yükle
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BE WARNED: This is no real learning software. If you want a professional guide to the Japanese language, look somewhere else.

Instead, this is a journey. Most of all, a journey of imagination. And that imagination COULD lead to learning a lot of stuff.


MONSTERS OF KANJI is a simple oldschool RPG. It is filled to the brim with secrets and collectables. Most of them come in the form of Japanese kanji or vocabulary. For those interested in the language this serves as a great way to review their knowledge. For everyone else these collectables unlock alternate color skins for the main characters. But never are any of them mandatory to complete the game. MONSTERS OF KANJI is meant to be played by Japanese enthusiasts as well as any JRPG-fan who doesn’t have a clue what "sugoi" means.


– 20+ hours of oldschool RPG gameplay
– 1 huge world map with over 100 locations
– 6 characters to level up
– over 15 dangerous bosses
– more than 100 MONSTERS OF KANJI
– over 80 hidden MEMORY DISCS that tell the story of the strange world MARTY lives in
– 37 more or less unique sidequests
– CARA the crow helps you learn another 100 kanji with her signs
– 1900 words to collect and memorize
– the ANCIENT ARCHIVE provides a chance to review every monster, kanji and word that you have discovered


For a long time MARTY and his two friends KET and TOBI have lived a happy life at the COZY CLIFFS. But one day, a monster appears in the nearby forest.
And soon after, MARTY’s friends are suddenly gone.

The boy has to leave his cozy home to go out into the world where he will meet interesting characters, dangerous monsters and an enemy that will turn everything MARTY knows about himself upside down.

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