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Minos Strategos İndir Yükle
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You are the legendary Minos Strategos (general of the ancient city of Minos)! Command the defenders of the temple by harnessing the power of specific battle formations to push back the Minotaur hordes. Minos Strategos is a quick single-player strategy game with a focus on elegance and clarity. Climb the single-player ladder as you devise flexible strategies, amassing an ever-growing collection of command cards as you go!

Inspired by the board game "Tash-Kalar" by Vlaada Chvátil, Minos Strategos has players creating, matching, and utilizing unit formations on an ever-changing battlefield. Unlock collectible command cards to summon powerful threats, clear large swaths of enemies in an area of effect, and form powerful chaining combos to play multiple cards in a single turn.

"[Minos Strategos] is quite likely to be the best digital game of 2017" -Keith Burgun (Lead designer of Auro, Dinofarm Games)

Minos Strategos is the 4th game from strategy game design studio BrainGoodGames, creators of Militia, Axes and Acres and SkyBoats. BrainGoodGames is committed to making fun, engaging single-player strategy games that combine random generation with a single-player ladder so you can enjoy our games for as long as you like!

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