mdiapp+ SE İndir Yükle

mdiapp+ SE İndir Yükle
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mdiapp+ SE is a paint tool for creating cartoon.

It is equipped with the following convenient functions for creating a cartoon, such as:

  • 1bit/8bit layer that requires a small memory consumption (the standard color layers are also available)
  • 32bit and 64bit versions available (64bit version enables a faster performance)
  • Project management window that enables to organize the cartoon pages
  • Supporting multi thread (for the brush/blending mode processing)
  • Script Brush that enables programming (Lua)
  • 3D Perspective tool for drawing sterically
  • Pen Pressure input from a pen tablet (Wintab/TabletPC)
  • Free Transform/Mesh Transform on layer
  • Common MDP format with FireAlpaca/MediBang Paint
  • Concentration Lines Filter

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