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Mavi’s Journey İndir Yükle
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Mavi the half-beast Witch lives as a fortune teller in a town near the royal capital.
She is one of the most beautiful girls in the kingdom and famous throughout the continent.

One day, Mavi recieves word that the legendary medicinal herb "MoriMori" has been discovered.

In search of this elusive herb, Mavi travels all over the kingdom.
What was supposed to only be a short journey, turns into an epic adventure!
Involving ancient spirits, the demon lord, expensive melons, and even the masked clam…

This is an RPG where you explore the world without any battles to hinder you.
Converse with a variety of characters, obtain items and use them to proceed through the story.

In the vast plains that Mavi must journey, there will surely be shit on the ground.
There may be bandits hiding in the mountain pass…
If you beat the crap out of the Bazaar’s stallholder, you will be imprisoned.
Sometimes driving around in an extravagant foreign vehicle,
sometimes under the effect of the clammy ASARI,
the tale of Mavi’s journey will be spin and spun before your eyes.

Mavi’s Journey is a short spin-off game featuring
the character Mavi who appeared in the following games:

"Lucia Script ~Princess of a Age-old Kindom~"
"The Sexual Harassment RPG About A Witch In Glasses"

It can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even
more so with other products from the same creator.

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