Maths Challenge İndir Yükle

Maths Challenge İndir Yükle
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Maths Challenge is an indie game that was created with the aim of gamers who also enjoy mathematics and mathematical challenges.

In this game you will face a series of mathematical operations against the clock, therefore, you will not only need to calculate it correctly, but you must also do it quickly.
To make the game more dynamic, you will have 4 possible options, and only one will be correct, if you fail the operation, you will be moved to another different operation.

You will have to choose 4 basic modes:


Obviously, each of the modes corresponds to the operation on which the level will be based.
You will see on the screen different operations, randomly chosen, therefore they will not have ascending difficulty, some easy and others difficult.

So if you want to face a great challenge, improve your mental calculation and every day beat your own records, Maths Challenge is a perfect game for you.

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