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Market Dominion İndir Yükle
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The Cold War quietly rages on around the world as tensions rise between states. During these turbulent times, you are tasked as the CEO of a new, enterprising company. Can you overcome obstacles to become a burgeoning company and dominate the market?

Welcome to Market Dominion, a casual business simulation indie game.

The year is 1960. Many companies have been born after the war. Now, in the Cold War times, rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union is enormous. Companies are affected too. Different companies within different industries will reach out for the world’s market domination.
In Market Dominion, you are the CEO of a brand new company. Your goals are to build a strong network around your company and dominate the market – knocking out opponents in the process. The game features a singleplayer mode with AI.


  • Unique Territories – Over 250 individual unique states to control through market domination.
  • Company Modifiers – Every company has their own competitive edge; whether it’s logistics, marketing, or popularity itself – there are no clear rules set. The game offers a starting modifier for each company, which makes the game more dynamic and allows players to plan different strategies against different opponents with more precision and craft.
  • Specialists – Companies hire Specialists all the time – whether they are advertisement masters or slick negotiators, they are all indispensable. In Market Dominion, you can use them as an ace up your sleeve and surprise your opponents.
  • Events – Olympics! Market Crash! Scientific breakthroughs! Political breakdown! So much is happening during these times. The game offers over 40 unique events that can influence your gameplay.
  • And Even More – Market Dominion delivers a unique experience with hours of interesting gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of Market Dominion.

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