Marisa’s Marvelous Magic Shop İndir Yükle

Marisa’s Marvelous Magic Shop İndir Yükle
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A Touhou novel-style management simulation.

Enjoy the comical interactions between Marisa and her friends, as you earn money to pay back your loan.
– Your first goal is to earn 50,000 yen in the first year, and if you fail, it’s game over.
– Develop new products, expand the store, and run promotions to bring in the money.
– Fight youkai who come to raid the store in turn-based battles.

Kirisame Magic Shop is hidden deep in the forests of Gensokyo.
It’s so remote, in fact, that there aren’t any customers.
Just as Marisa is despairing over her lack of sales, self-proclaimed management consultant Yukari Yakumo appears.
Cirno is added to the team as head of HR, and Marisa sets her sights on rebuilding Kirisame Magic Shop.

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