MarineVerse Cup – Sailboat Racing İndir Yükle

MarineVerse Cup – Sailboat Racing İndir Yükle
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eSports Sailing in VR

MarineVerse Cup is a competitive virtual reality sailing racing game.

Existing features

  • Daily Race Practice with Leader-boards
  • "Real-time multiplayer racing" mode. ( with voice chat )
  • Cross-platform support, including Oculus Quest
  • VR and non-VR mode.
  • 2 boat types. ( Yacht and dinghy ).
  • League system. When you start, you are sailing in a "Standard" league. If you win a Daily Race, you get access to "Pro" league.
  • Basic tutorials.

Planned features

  • See Early Access description.

Feedback and support

  • Support and community help – our chat server is Discord ( link in community section )
  • Please submit feedback and ideas at our feedback forum ( link in community section )

Is it free?

MarineVerse Cup is currently in "free beta". At some point ( we will give you at least 30 days notice ) MarineVerse Cup will transition to a paid subscription.

MarineVerse account required

In order to play, you will need MarineVerse account. MarineVerse account are currently invite only and you can request one here at MarineVerse website.

New to sailing or looking to relax?

If you want a proper introduction to sailing, try VR Regatta:

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