Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo İndir Yükle

Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo İndir Yükle
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1826, Brazil was a paradisiacal place with natural beauties but it was also marked by injustice, violence and oppression. It’s in this context that we present our two heroes: Akil, the Mandinga, a Muslim with diverse knowledge, such reading and writing and other skills, and Obadelê, Yoruba, a strong capoeirista warrior.
Together they will overcome their differences and fight together for freedom!

Mandinga: A tale of Banzo is a jRPG-style game, with an unique twist on its turn-based combat. Unlock different dice with special skills, assemble specialized Dicesets for different tactics and fight your way through an immersive story with a handcrafted explorable world with an unique setting.

The highlight features are:

Innovative dice-based combat, where every piece of gear, weapon and skills bring interesting choices.
Switch between different combat styles at any turn by using the Diceset System.
Story based on a troubling historical moment of Brazil that still impacts deeply its people.
Play it in native Brazilian Portuguese or in English.

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